Halal Policy


logohalal Richeese Factory

Companies in the food sector are required to prepare a system to ensure the sustainability of halal production processes consistently. This system is called the halal guarantee system. Halal Assurance System (SJH) or known as Sistem Jaminan Halal (SJH) is a system that elaborates, connects, accommodates and integrates the concepts of Islamic law specifically related to halal haram, business ethics and overall management, procedures and mechanisms of planning, implementation and evaluation of a series of production / processing of materials that will be consumed by Moslems. The Halal Guarantee System develops because of the awareness and needs of Moslems consumers to protect themselves to avoid products that are prohibited (haram) and doubtful (syubhat) according to Islamic sharia provisions.


  1. Richeese Culinary Indonesia innovates to produce safe, nutritious, quality and halal, food and beverages in accordance with government regulations and customer satisfaction by implementing a system of management of food security and continuous improvement.
  2. Richeese Culinary Indonesia with the Richeese Factory trademark has been registered as a Halal Product Brand with a certification number 00160067271213 since its establishment in 2011.