2 Different Phases in Richeese Factory Malang, Enjoy The Sensation!

2 Different Phases in Richeese Factory Malang, Enjoy The Sensation!

Thursday (07/30/2015) I had the opportunity to experience the menu sensation available at Richeese Factory Malang. The brand that I originally knew from snacks was a cheese wafer.

Before coming here, I read a review of Malang bloggers who had tasted it, like on nengbiker.com and windacarmelita.com.

It made me drool. On Thursday, I came to the outletlocated at Jl. Arjuno No. 2 beside BRI KC Malang Kawi Bank with a very hungry stomach. I just entered the outlet, was immediately treated to the distinctive smell of chicken and the sweet smile of its employees.

It was so tempting, I immediately wanted to taste the menu of Richeese Factory Malang. I ordered it as soon as possible. Here's the full review.

Yesterday I chose level 3 sauce, I put it in a sauce dish. The reason why i separated the chicken and the sauce was to find out how spicy Richeese Factory Malang is.  It was also my trick to eat in order to finish all of the chicken. It was too precious to be leftwasted.

It turns out that the taste of the sauce is ... so hot in the throat. I usually eat sambal, heat in the mouth, sometimes until the lips are red.




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