About The Melted Cheese In Richeese Factory Malang

About The Melted Cheese In Richeese Factory Malang

In Richeese Factory, Firewings are not ordinary chicken. According to here says, this firewings with the level of spiciness of the Richeese Factory style definitely makes you drool especially the savory cheese sauce.


As a person who doesn't really like to eat fast food, at first I wasn't too interested. I thought, “Ah, fast food usually has similar taste”. But today I experience how I fall deeply into pleasure called “Firewings” in Richeese Factory.


If you like tasty processed chicken, you have to taste the menus at Richeese Factory. One more thing that makes me happy, there is no need to go all the way to the next city (read: Surabaya), if you want to taste the delicious Firewings, Firechicken and the companion. Because, now in Malang, Richeese Factory is opened. Precisely on Jalan Arjuno No. 2. It was really right at the end of the red light, after the BCA bank, you will find an outlet that is dominated by red-yellow colors, the Richeese’s color.


Well, if I said earlier that I didn't really like eating fast food, the reason I said “yes” when invited to the opening of Richeese Factory was because ... I really like cheese! Richeese Factory's cheese sauce is indeed authentic and can't be imitated. I’m so fond of it that, even “Mbak NengBiker” asked Mbak Fahmi, PR Richeese Factory, "is it allowed to ask the cheese sauce more?" The answer is “yes, we want ask for more additional cheese sauce  at Richeese Factory which its outlet have been open since 2011 for the first time in Paris Van Java, Bandung. That was a good news, right? Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the cheese sauce away with a bigger food container. Hahaha ..


The first outlet in Malang is not that spacious, but comfortable. ThereisWiFi facilitytoo. For students who need filling for their stomaches while working on assignments, this place is perfect. Indeed, Richeese Factory deliberately chose Malang to build a branch because its target market is mostly students. It's really good, right? In Malang, there are so many students. Well, because it won't be enough to be accommodated in one outlet, Richeese Factory is planning to make the next outlet that is wider and equipped with party rooms. Hurray!


Luckily, today, I am the first 20 persons to taste Richeese Factory with press from Malang and bloggers. I enjoy the Level 5 Firewings eating competition, tasting foods, photos, watching live music (which is the drummer is my junior high school friend who hasn't met for a long time) and the most important is gathering with companionsin arms.