Experience in Tasting “Fire Wings” from Richeese Factory, The “Fire Mouth” Sensation  just Like in The Movie!

Experience in Tasting “Fire Wings” from Richeese Factory, The “Fire Mouth” Sensation  just Like in The Movie!

Hi, this is the story, last Friday after returning from campus I was lazy to go straight home. I wanted to go have some snacks first. Since I didn't eat at the campus, I decided to visit a restaurant. That day, the weather was so hot and I felt like i needed a cool air, having wifi and eating some spicy food. Well, because a while ago I really wanted ’Richeese Factory and it hasn't been fulfilled yet, so I decided to go there. It's really a good choice because the menus were what I craved.

When I got there the situation was quite crowded, but there were still a few spots left. After making sure there were still seats left, I went straight to the counter to order. The menu offered is quite varied and appetizing, i didn’t know what to choose. Finally, because I wanted the spicy one I chose to order Fire wings Level 2 and Pink Lava as a drink.

After choosing a place that I felt quite comfortable with, I started eating the fire wings. The Fire Wings' appearance was quite tempting. It’s served in a white bowl with 4pcs wings covered in BBQ sauce and cheese sauce separated in a small sauce dish. It felt like I saw these wings waving at me and tempting to eat right away.

Firewings itself there are actually 5 stages of level, printer, medium, hot, x-tra hot, x-treme, and ultimate. There was also bigger and more satisfying fire chicken menu and boneless fire tenders menu. Actually, those menus could be ordered with rice, but again because I refused to eat rice, I chose not to order it and for me the menu without rice is quite filling too. I think fire wings are more fun to eat as ala carte then dip it into the cheese sauce, and fire chicken was more suitable to eat using hot rice. That would be a great taste.

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