Fire Wings Richeese Factory Donated IDR 50 Million

Fire Wings Richeese Factory Donated IDR 50 Million

BANDUNG, Processing dishes from chicken ingredients to serve as food ingredients is certainly common. The white meat ingredient can be created into a variety of dishes that can be appetizing.

Entering the age of three, Richeese Factory (RF), one of the fast-food hangouts that relies on chicken as its main menu, held a celebration at Jln. Buah Batu Bandung involving 30 orphans from the Aziziyah Orphanage recently.

Marked by cutting cone, praying together, and submitting a donation of Rp50 million to those with the rights to receive it, indicating that RF is able to contribute meaningfully in the midst of competition for fast food restaurants in Indonesia.

Relying on one of the Fire Wings menus that has spiciness at various levels so that they can be adjusted to one’s spicy taste which is the mainstay menu.

Consisting of chicken wings wrapped in barbeque sauce as a distinctive feature to distinguish it from the dishes in the city of Bandung. It’s even still served with a cream cheese sauce menu.

Interested? Wait a minute, there is still something that can arouse your taste, besides fire wings, RF still has a menu that has different and unique flavors that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Call it Richeese Cake, which is still sorted again like Red Velvet, Green Tea, Opera, Rainbow etc.

According to Fahmi Ristianty as RF Marketing Communication, the diversity of this dish is really to provide services for buyers of various tastes.

"Until now, RF has 23 outlets spread across various cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor, Bandung, Surabaya, and West Karawang which were recently opened. Our target is to touch 50 outlets in 2014, "Fahmi said.

The series of RF birthdays has been going on since February 8, with a variety of bonuses, but only now can the celebration be held as the culmination of the event. "We hope that RF will be able to complement the existing restaurants," Fahmi said.

Attending the occasion, Kenny Chong Head of Operation and WVI (World Vision Indonesia) were represented by David Andre Hardani and other invitees. (Adr).