Richeese Factory, Fried Chicken with Burned Tongue Sensation

Richeese Factory, Fried Chicken with Burned Tongue Sensation

METROSEMARANG.COM - Indonesian fast food restaurant, Richeese Factory is available at Semarang. The outlet which is located at Jalan S. Parman 48 is listed as the 45th outlet of PT. Richeese Kuliner Indonesia.

In Central Java, Richeese Factory Semarang was listed as the second outlet after Tegal City. The first outlet of Richeese Factory was established four years ago, precisely at 2011,  in Paris Van Java Mall area, Bandung. Until now, outlets have spread in Jabodetabek, Surabaya, Cirebon, up to, and Malang. had the opportunity to be the first to taste the delights of the Richeese menu. Unlike the fast food restaurant from the land of Uncle Sam, Richeese fried chicken has its own uniqueness, it is cheese sauce as a condiment on each menu.

Other than that, Richeese fried chicken has barbeque sauce which is served with spiciness levels from zero to five. Be careful, if you don't really like spicy, it's better to start from a lower level. has tasted five spicinesslevels in the launch event on Thursday (1/9) afternoon. Itreally burnedthe tongue!

The price starts fromRp 10.000, Richeese offers various menus. Those are Fire Wings and Fire Chicken, Chicken Riches, and Cake Riches.

In terms of location, Richeese outlets are comfortable. The building has two levels, located on the main road, with wifi facilities, and spacious parking lot. A special birthday room is also provided for consumers who want to celebrate their birthday. (byo)