Richeese Factory in Semarang

Richeese Factory in Semarang

The existence of Richeese Factory in Semarang City adds ariety of culinary choices in the “Lumpia” City, especially for the fast food restaurant category. Richeese Factory Semarang has pened and served customers since October 2, 2015. This is the second outlet in Central Java, after Tegal’s outlet, Richeese Factory Semarang is the 45th outlet.

Occupying a two level uilding in S Parman Gajah Mungkur Candi, supported with wifi facilities and spacious parking lot, Richeese Factory can be a destination for youth with friends and family. One of the uniqueness of this restaurant is its cheese sauce which is the condiment on each menu that is served. And also its Barbeque Sauce which is served with a level of spiciness that can be selected from level 0 to 5 on the menu of fire wings, fire chicken and BBQ cheesy wedges.

The menus offered such as fire wings and fire chicken, richeese chicken to richeese cake in a cup. The menu prices start from IDR 10 thousand. The price of package menu, a combo chicken package consisting of 1 pcs of richeese chicken + 1 rice + 1 fruitarian / pink lava, is IDR 28. 182.

Richeese Factory Semarang Outlet

Address: Jl S Parman No 48 Semarang Central Java.

Telephone Number Delivery 1500220


Twitter: @richeesefactory

Instagram: richeese_factory

Serving delivery, open from 10am to 10pm.