Richeese Factory Indulges Cheese Lovers in Cirebon

Richeese Factory Indulges Cheese Lovers in Cirebon

After achieving success and being loved by food lovers in Bandung through the first and only fast food restaurant that provides a variety of food and drinks with elements of cheese in all the menus offered, Richeese Factory now settles in Cirebon to treat cheese lovers with their outlets on Jalan Cipto Mangunkusumo.

The Richeese Factory Cirebon's interior is quite prominent with shades of red and yellow and white touches. Signs and Mascot images that are installed, quite represent the image of Super Brand Richeese that has been widely known. The overall atmosphere is quite comfortable and pleasant, even though it occupies a not-too-large area. Rows of chairs and tables arranged to save space, but still comfortable and quite spacious for visitors to take a break to enjoy a variety of food and beverage offerings with friends, colleagues and family.

Richeese Factory's Marketing Communication Manager, Fahmi Ristianty said that Cirebon Richeese Factory is the first outlet for the Cirebon region. This outlet also provides almost all of the Richeese Factory menus like in other outlets that have been opened previously.

"For 2015, Richeese Factory is aiming to open 60 new outlets. The concept is a ready-to-eat restaurant and a cake shop with a whole menu of food and beverages containing elements of cheese or combined with Richeese's typical cheese or cream sauce, "said Fahmi.

Richeese itself is very well known in the community as a Super Brand for snacks (wafers, sticks, biscuits, etc.) with its distinctive creamy cheese characteristics. Richeese is one of the product lines from NABATI (PT Kaldu Sari Nabati) a snack manufacturer from Bandung which also produces Nabati Siip, Richoco, Penter and Pow.

While talking casually about Richeese Factory, Fahmi invited CT to try Richeese Factory's favorite menu, namely ‘Fire Wings’ chicken krispi wings with savory and spicy barbeque spices plus cheese sauce. Fire Wings spiciness levels can be ordered according to taste ranging from level 0 (original), level 1 (medium), level 2 (hot), level 3 (x-tra hot), level 4 (x-treme) to level 5 (ultimate).

"The Richeese Combo 5 package consisting of 4 Fire Wings, rice and drink (Pink Lava or Strawberry/Mango Tea) is the most popular among visitors. Fire Wings itself has become a trademark of Richeese Factory which is much loved by culinary lovers because of its savory and spicy taste and it is more fun  eaten with Richeese's special concoction of cheese sauce, "explained Fahmi.

Fahmi added, for those who have never tried Fire Wings before, they should choose their level of pain at level 1 first. Afterwards try another level that has a higher level of spiciness according to taste. There’s not a few visitors who directly choose Fire Wings level 2 or 3, who finally have to give up because they can't stand the spicy taste.

What about the prices of food and drinks at Richeese Factory? No need to worry, the entire menu offered at Richeese Factory can be obtained at a fairly affordable price starting from IDR 10 thousand.

The breakthrough of Richeese Factory in the culinary world, increasingly adds to the lively culinary sector and typical Indonesian food that is rich in creative and innovative ideas. The community is increasingly spoiled with a variety of new and quality culinary choices, but at prices that remain affordable.