Richeese Factory, Jl. Cipto

Richeese Factory, Jl. Cipto

Here is the info about the Richeese Factory which was just opened in Cirebon since May 6, 2015.

Sorry, I just had time to write on the blog and upload the photos today (May 24, 2015), even though at that time I arrived on the 2nd day of the opening (May 7, 2015). Apparently a 50% discount promo was very attractive for Cirebon residents, huh.

It was shown by the long queue since the restaurant opened until evening.

I saw on the Richeese Factory website, they already have 38 branches, which are spread in Cirebon, Bandung, Jabodetabek,  Sumedang and Surabaya.

And Richeese Factory Cirebon is the 38th branch, of which Richeese Factory itself has xisted for 4 years, it means that from 2011 Richeese has xisted and is quite accepted by the community.

Richeese Factory which is a Quick Service Restaurant; has a slogan or motto: Life is GREAT. CHEESE makes it BETTER apparently has more strength and uniqueness in its delicious cheese sauce (cheese dip).

Indeed, I admit, I really like cheese and can't stand seeing foods with cheese

Haha, because of it when Richeese Factory opened in Cirebon i was attracted

This is the second branch that I visited, before I used to try Richeese Factory at the Mada Plaza Jakarta.

And indeed I have noticed that many consumers who came to the Richeese Factory loved their cheese sauce. I visited Richeese Factory Cirebon on May 7 2015 around 12 noon. Imagine, at lunchtime where many people starved out looking for food.

The queue from the entrance to the cash register for the meal order took up to about 40 minutes.

It's amazing the struggle to get this 50% promo discount.

Fortunately, Cirebon residents could line up in an orderly manner.

And the team from Richeese Factory also served deftly and is accompanied by a smile.

Because the 50% discount promo is currently only the Combo Fire Wings Package and Combo Fire Chicken, I finally ordered the package.

The original price is Rp. 35,000 / package. Because the discount was only Rp. 17,500 / package.

At that time I came with my wife and my 2-year-old child.

I ate Combo Fire Chicken, this is like most Fried chicken which is given flour, only different is the layer above the sauce.

I ordered the level 5 (the highest level), the spiciest taste. Fried Chicken (at that time I got a chest, but I thought it was too small huh? Hehe) that on top of it caramel sauce with a few extra levels of spiciness  it was so delicious. Especiallywhen it’s added with the cheese sauce.

My wife and child ate Combo Fire Wings, (rice packs with 4 pieces of chicken wings and 1 drink glass) the level of spiciness was zero because of my little child..

There were 2 kinds of drinks, namely Pink Lava (Pink drink that is very attractive, which was like syrup, it tasted good to relieve the Fire Combo's spicy taste).and another Fruit Tea Mango ( like ice lemon tea, but this tastes like mango.)

Oh yeah, I was so lucky I could get 2 cheese sauces at once. So I really enjoyed eating at this Richeese Factory.


Conclusion eating at Richeese Factory Cirebon: Satisfied.

Comfortable place, good food, price when the promo is cheap.

Recommended to try as one of the culinary options in Cirebon.