Richeese Factory Malang

Richeese Factory Malang

For those of you who often pass Jalan Kawi, you are definitely curious about the new building of the former Indosat office which is now transformed into a famous fast food outlet, right? Well, today, my friends and media, also food bloggers are invited to Richeese Factory for media gatherings, while tasting the menu.

I used to eat Richeese once in Jakarta and was addicted. Add the cheese sauce! For those of you who don't know yet, at Richeese Factory, not only does the chicken provide a variety of spicy levels, but there is also the sauce dip. There is cheese sauce and barbecue as a condiment from the menu you order. The cheese sauce is only one type, while barbeque sauce can choose the spicy level 0-5. This is the best cheese sauce in town, so yummy.

As u see, the yellow bottom right is the cheese sauce ... doesn’t it make you drool. For the chicken, you can choose Fire Wings, Fire Chicken or Richeese Chicken. The level of spiciness is level 1 to 5.  I tried level 1, I can’t tolerate something very hot. If you don’t like hot and spicy food, you can choose Richeese Chicken, there’soriginal and Hot Spicy. Besides chicken, they also have a cheese cake menu, you know, which was originally made in Bandung, because they can't produce it themselves in the East Java area. Cheesecake in a cup has many choices, some are Original Cheese, Dark Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Rainbow, Opera, and others.

In Malang, Richeese has just opened an outlet, on Jl. Arjuno No. 2, but soon there will be a much larger outlet, a two-levelbuilding with more complete facilities around Jalan Ijen. In East Java, Malang is the second city after Surabaya. The location on Jl Arjuno is also very good, strategic and easy to find. the small problem might be the car park, it seemed a bit difficult to find parking space when it was crowded. The place is comfortable, spacious, cool, and moreover there is WiFi !!! Yes, for people who need WiFi so bad like me, I was really happy, so I could eat while browsing, writing, updating everything, or downloading games 😀

The price is still affordable for students and college students (students nowadays, whose pocket money are much more than mine in the past), starting at 10 thousand-40 thousand per package or ala carte. Anyway, during the opening there was a 50% discount promo for certain items (Fire Wings and Fire Chicken) starting at 10am until 5pm. The deadline hasn't been determined, so just enjoy it as soon as possible.

For those whoare curious,just go to Jl. Arjuno No. 2 Malang, Richeese Factory opens from TOMORROW, June 15 2015, from 10 am - 10 pm. Or you can browse the account on Twitter, Fanpage: Richeese Factory, Instagram: richeese_factory, or the Richeese Factory website.