Richeese Factory Opened in Malang!

Richeese Factory Opened in Malang!

Good news for those of you who like to eat chicken with unusual taste. The Chicken is covered with spicy sauce that you can dip in to cheese sauce. Have you tried it yet? Now you don't need to go to Jakarta, Richeese Factory is already open in Malang!

Starting on June 15, 2015, you can visit the Richeese Factory Malang. In Richeese Factory you can try Fire chicken or Fire wings covered with Barbeque sauce, which you are able to choose its spiciness level from 0 to 5. Its spicytaste will make face-burning sensation.

Each menu is served with cheese sauce as a condiment, that's what causes Richeese to be different from other fast food restaurants. Even though I tried the cheese sauce a lot, it didn't make me feel bad. Relax, your tongue will be friendly with the cheese.

To make it perfect, finish your meal with a cute dessert too. Cake-in-a-cup, Cheese cake that is packaged adorably many variants of taste that suit your preferences.

Yesterday I challenged my friends to eat fire wings, the video is waiting to upload on my youtube channel, subscribe my channel, so when it’s well uploaded, you will be the first to know hehe.

So, let's try the fire wings or fire chicken. What level are you at? In order of grand opening, it gives you 50% discount. So hurry up!


Jl. Arjuno No.2, Malang, East Java.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00 WIB