Richeese Factory Opened in Malang, Finally!

Richeese Factory Opened in Malang, Finally!

I still remember, a month ago with the Richeese Factory cheese sauce recipe. A month later, Richeese Factory opened in Malang.

Malang has never been missed by businessmen who aim at students. Luckily, I became one of the first to set foot in Richeese Factory Malang (before the trainee certainly). And right on June 15, 2015, Richeese opened its first outlet in Malang.

Located on Jalan Arjuno 2, Malang, this beautiful outlet with bold red and orange nuances also began to serve its mainstay menus. Just call my favorite FireWings. Even though I have tried Level 5, at the Media Gathering the day before the grand opening, I didn't dare to follow the competition. Worried about my stomach, I’d rather not offer myself than to be hospitalized. again. hihihi.

Richeese Factory is not losing a moment to follow the “spicy level” trend. Moreover, supported by cheese sauce that is second to none, yes surely the FireWings will soon get a place in the heart of spicy Aremania lovers. The spiciness can be matched with the others, don't forget to try other menus such as Cake in a Cup which is cute, and the crispy chicken that won’t lost to it.

Not only they offer Firewings on its first day, Richeese Factory also offers a 50% discount on its favorite menus specifically at this outlet in Malang. Hurry up, try it because the discount is only valid at 10-5pm, while the store is still open until 10pm.

Ssssh, Make this outlet bestselling. They might immediately open a second outlet in Malang!