RICHEESE FACTORY Opened the 38th Outlet in CIREBON

RICHEESE FACTORY Opened the 38th Outlet in CIREBON

Cirebon, May 6, 2015 - The development of the city of Cirebon has progressed very rapidly in recent years. This was marked by the increasing construction of factories, shopping centers, housing, hotels, and offices which further emphasized the profile of Cirebon City as a business, service, trade city and religious and nature tourism destination.

Rapid development is in line with the population increase and the shift of the youth’s lifestyle who needs more hangout places in the city which is also popular with Trusmi Batik. This has made the culinary business more widespread in the city of Cirebon with the opening of many restaurants, cafes, etc.

This opportunity is utilized by PT. Richeese Culinary Indonesia as the Richeese Factory management to open the 38th outlet in the city of Cirebon. Located at Jl. Dr. Cipto Mangunkusomo No. 162, the existence of Richeese Factory is expected to be able to add a variety of culinary choices for both local residents and immigrants in the city of Cirebon.

Richeese Factory itself has xisted for 4 years to liven up the fast food restaurant business in Indonesia. Richeese Factory is one of the Nabati Group business units known as "Richeese Wafer" products. On February 8, 2011, Richeese Factory opened the first outlet in the Paris Van Java Mall area, Bandung. Until now, outlets have spread in several cities such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor, Bandung, Surabaya, West Karawang and Bekasi. Tegal, Malang and Semarang are other rows of cities that will become the destination of Richeese Factory after the opening in Cirebon City.

Under the auspices of PT. Richeese Culinary Indonesia, Richeese Factory will continue to expand to several other cities with a total target of 60 outlets by the end of 2015. This proves that Richeese Factory consistently develops its business by giving appreciation to customers so they can reach outlet locations and enjoy Richeese Factory menus. Richeese Factory target market is students aged between 16 to 22 years. The food served is very practical and easy to be enjoyed by all people.

With the concept of a two-level building, located on a main road that is quite strategic and with wifi facilities, a spacious parking lot, Richeese Factory can be a new destination for Cirebon’s youth to gather with friends and family. In addition, a special Birthday room is also provided for customers who want to celebrate their children's birthday at Richeese Factory. The price starts from IDR 35 thousand/person. Customers can celebrate birthdays at Richeese Factory complete with meals for children, special birthday gifts and goodie bags for all invited guests.

In order to introduce the Richeese Factory mainstay menu, Combo Fire Wings or Combo Fire Chicken, for the opening of the first outlet in Cirebon, Richeese Factory held a 50% promo specifically for the second purchase of the combo menu. This promo is only valid for certain periods. (AC212 / rls)