This Student Has Lunch at Famous Fast Food Restaurant. He was Shocked when He Knew the Price of the Food

This Student Has Lunch at Famous Fast Food Restaurant. He was Shocked when He Knew the Price of the Food

Along the way to campus, on the commuter, in the middle of a hot day in transition period, I was thinking hard: where will I have lunch? Delicious food, cheap, cold place, and there must be wifi has become the style parameters that I made myself to determine the place for fulfilling my hunger. Instead of going down at Pocin Station or UI, I finally decided to go down to Depok Baru Station. What did I do? Yes. For the sake of fulfilling my culinary lust this afternoon, I visited Richeese Factory which is not far from the T-intersection of the Depok Terminal. Once inside, I was immediately choked up with a pamphlet offering the latest promo called Richeese Combat: Careful Combo. What was that?

Crazy, dude! In the midst of rising fuel prices and the weakening of the rupiah exchange rate, it turned out that I bought a package of rice, cheese cordon bleu, plus a glass of drinks priced at Rp. 13,636.00. Is this a delayed April Fool's Day or something? To find the answer, I walked handsomely to place order.


"Ma'am, is there a Richeese Combat? Is that real?"

"Yes, It’s available."

"Emm ... one Richeese Combat please, Ma'am!"

"Do you want some tea or fruit punch?"

"tea, please, Ma’am. I worry if I order the sweet one again, I will be more sweeter, are you responsible for that?

"Everything will be IDR 15,000."

I give the money. No hoax. Apparently, the price is really that much.

"Allright We will deliver it to you."

The woman handed me a tray filled with drinks and receipts, without any frill like "do you want to purchase credit?", "do you have a member card?", “do you want to purchase your neighbour’s credit?”

Then, I also chose a seat while carrying a large glass of mango flavored tea. Waiting for five minutes did not seem boring because Richeese Factory provides free internet facilities as well as hits of today's songs that are sung throughout the dining area through loudspeakers. Soon, my order menu finally came.

Okay. One, there was nothing strange about the portion of the rice. The size would make you full. It’s a common size

Two, the length of the Cordon Bleu width was not hoax, according to the image.

Three. I'm already hungry.

I started eating with prayer, then cut the warm boneless chicken. Once inside my mouth, it feels like Ellie Goulding is screaming singing the chorus of “Love Me Like You Do” right into my ear.

I have never eaten in the franchise restaurant as cheap and satisfying as Richeese.

With cheese thickened between chicken wraps, in my opinion, it has a very playful taste. Imagine Richeese Combat can matched with the Richeese Factory cheese sauce, I couldn’t imagine how delicious this cheesy chicken. So, as a good young man who loves to share, I was inspired to share my pleasant culinary experience in Richeese Factory.

So, for you boarding kids who are hungry and longing to eat at fast food restaurants at low prices, the Richeese Combat menu can be an alternative for your lunch. But remember, this menu is only available for dine in from 10:00 to 17:00 only during the weekdays!

This is my Cheese Experience. Are you interested to try?